Computers & Laptops

We Are Computer & Laptop Experts That Know The Ins & Outs Of One Of Your Most Important Assets

We can provide your computer & laptop the professional service & support you need from the start & right through it’s lifecycle.


Do You Need a Desktop Or Laptop?

  • Could you benefit from the ability to work on the go?
  • What programs do you normally use?
  • Do you need to edit video files, photos or 3D files?


Windows or Mac?

We are experienced with both major operating systems, so we can provide support to either or help you make the switch.

We’ve been using computers for since 2002 with Windows XP, coped with Vista, are fluent in Windows 7, have survived Windows 10 & are ready for Windows 11.

We have also been using Macs since macOS Mavericks in 2013.



Are you sick of buying your computer from people who don’t really understand computers & don’t remember who you are when you see them next?

We order a computer that is right for your budget & won’t feel slow a couple of hours after you buy it!



Got brand new computer that you want set up on your desk?

We can help you unbox your computer, connect all your cables & link up with your existing networks.

We can also help you recycle the packaging.

Getting You Started

Do you want you computer to be set up as a fresh start or files transferred from an old one?

We can get you started with essential programs, install any programs you have purchased or help you get set up the way it was on your old computer.


Remote Support

Xtal Projects & Designs can help you troubleshoot your computer to avoid unnecessary call out fees.

We use software that closes the door behind us & generate random codes for every session, so there’s no back doors for the bad guys.

Software Upgrades & Driver Updates

We use industry-leading software to detect out of date drivers and updates. By doing this, we can reduce the number of blue screens and improve the running performance of your computer.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

We can check your computer to see if it can be upgraded and provide quotes for upgrading to compatible parts at various price points.

Computer Maintenance

We can help clean up programs you don’t need & find out what is causing your computer to slow down.

Secure Your Computer

We recommend & sell software that is effective at preventing and detecting malware, adware and other forms of infection on your computer.

Data Backup

We can help configure your machine to backup to the cloud, network-attached storage, portable drives or secondary drives (in desktops & supported laptops).