Solid Technology Solutions

We simplify technology so you don’t have to be an IT guru just to get things done.

Leave your technology problems with us & we will help you find Effortless ways to do what you do best.


Technology Advice

Are you looking for a new device?Get in touch with us to find the right product for your budget.

Technology Setup

Have you just bought a new product & would like some help to get it connected?

Technology Support

It is our goal to help you with your technology - no matter the brand or operating system.

Xtal Projects and Designs is among the leading IT solution provider in Brisbane as we bring you only the best solutions for your IT needs.

Our team comprises of designers, tech-experts and more – all designing the right IT solution for your home/business IT needs.

Mobile Phones

Looking for a new mobile phone or help with your existing one?We can help you find the right device for your needs and the right apps to help you achieve your goals.


Want to use a computer without having the hassle of a computer?We can help set you up with a tablet or iPad for your requirements.

Desktop Computers & Laptops

Your computer is one of your most valuable assets. Trust us with helping you find what's right for you, with support through the entire lifecycle.

Streaming TV

Want to watch Netflix, Stan, Kayo, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime?We can help connect your TV to the streaming universe.

Wifi Networking

Do you find yourself stuck with a Wi-Fi signal that doesn't mean anything?We can help you love it again.

Smart Home Devices

Smart Speakers, Smart Hubs, Smart Lights & just about any other "Smart" item - we can configure them.

Photo Scanning

Photos help us capture some of our most precious memories - from first born, to first day of school, graduations, weddings and other special events along the way.Have you got a shoebox or albums full of photos? Get in touch with us to have them back up to a modern format such as USB storage or the cloud.

Video Gaming

Are you a gamer or looking to get started with something casual?We can help you choose the right system for your requirements, build custom PC's set them up & help you out when things go wrong.


Are you having issues with your personal email or wanting to get started with business email? Contact Us Today.

Technology Advice

Whether you are looking for a new device or a smart IT solution for your business, you have landed in just the right place.Here’s our easy process:

1. Talk to us about your needs

Discuss with our tech experts whether you are looking for a new device or an IT solution for your home/business needs.

2. Get the Right Advice and Shortlisted Product Options with Reviews

Our experts will recommend the right products or even design for your whole IT solution based on your requirements. Our experts only recommend the top-notch products that are tried and tested.

3. Get pricing and Consultation from our Experts.

Our unbiased technology advisors provide you with the best product comparisons ever so that you get to choose the right products and solutions for your requirements.

So stop waiting and get in touch with us right away to get your hands on the right products that are within not only your budget but also the most suitable for your needs!

Technology Setup

Connecting a new device for the first time can be a daunting experience.Here's how we can help:

1. Setup and Configure

Just get in touch with us, and we can help you set up as well as configure your device.

2. Connect with devices

We have got you covered when it comes to connecting your new device with any bundled devices.

3. Demonstrate functionality

Our expert will set up and configure technologically and then help you understand the basic functionality so that you can use the device independently.

Get in touch with us to hire the best technology support for your latest setups!

Technology Support

Are you feeling overwhelmed with tech problems? Xtal has got your back!From your computers to laptops to even smart home systems, we provide all kinds of technical support to our clients with the help of our technological learned support staff. We offer technical support for:Setting up any equipment and designing of PC equipment, frameworks, scanners, organizations, etc. Keeping the PC frameworks updated. IT automation. Network structuring. Network monitoring and maintenance. Support for server and network. Security and protection from viruses.If you have a technology support need, get in touch with us, and our IT support technicians will come right away to help you with it!


Xtal Projects and Designs offers a range of tech support services when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

We cater to both the individual needs as well as business setups.

Business Services

Businesses today depend hugely on smart devices like phones, tablets, and iPad. Teams are needed to be connected constantly to collaborate on projects and handle them smoothly. Loss of this connection can result in delays and miscommunication, leading to reduced productivity.

Xtal brings onsite as well as remote support and Consultation services for efficient resolution of smartphone and tablet-related problems.

We also integrate the system and guide the team on basic functionality. 

Individual Users

We have onsite technicians to help individuals with their specific needs. Some common issues that we help our customers with are:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Slow phone
  • Sync failures
  • Wifi connectivity issues
  • Locked out
  • Frozen phone
  • Bugs and apps that hinder the smooth functioning of your smart device
  • App crashes/freezes
  • Hardware repairs/replacements.

Our team is equipped to help you with any of these issues quickly. We prioritize your privacy, and your data and information is completely safe with us.

Desktop Computers/Laptops

Don’t want to risk fixing your own computer/laptop because it has a lot of valuable data? You are absolutely right because while doing it yourself, you might end up damaging it even more. This is where Xtal Projects and Designs comes in with its exceptional Desktop Computers and Laptop support services. We bring you top-notch onsite support services to help you get back all your data and a fully functional computer.

We start with a full-fledged investigation to diagnose the problem while keeping in mind the Windows version you are using as well as if you have your backup or not. Using our extensive experience and expertise, we design a solution that would solve all your desktop/laptop issues as well as cover your IT needs. From providing you the reasons behind the underperformance of your desktop/laptop to suggesting you the best fixes, our expert technicians will bring you the answers to all your problems while providing you the ultimate support for your computer system. So, if you need any help with your computer, call us right away, and we will be there with the best solution ever!

Wifi Networking

Does your wireless internet keep showing dips in speed and connectivity? Do you need professional help in optimizing your wifi connectivity? Then don’t look any further as Xtal Projects and Designs is right here to solve your wifi issues. There can be various factors that may be contributing to the loss of your network connectivity. Only a professional technician can help you resolve these issues while optimizing your connectivity so that you don’t face these issues again. We help both residential and commercial wifi networks and provide network support whenever you need it. We offer the following services:

  • Network connectivity troubleshooting
  • Router installation and configuration
  • Device connectivity configuration
  • Configuring network security
  • Speed and bandwidth testing
  • Speed and bandwidth troubleshooting
  • Range modification/expansion

Hiring a professional for your wifi issues will ensure that installation/maintenance and up-gradation/repair of your wifi network is done right. From the correct configuration of hardware/software to correct installation and configuration, our trained professionals don’t leave the site until you are satisfied. Our professional troubleshoot the speed and connectivity issues and reconfigure your network while testing the speed and connectivity so that you get uninterrupted connectivity once we are done with your wifi. Call our professionals right away to make sure that you get a secure and uninterrupted connection!

Smart Home

Are you switching to the smart home setup and need help with it?

From connecting to the internet to setting up Netflix on your TV, Xtal Projects and Designs has specialized in a smart home setup and all of its aspects.

We are known for delivering top-notch smart home installation services in the industry across Australia.

Get in touch with us and let us know when is the right time for you, and we will come to provide the best smart home installation services!

It is the right time to convert your dream of a smart home into reality; however, you will need to get the best technicians in town. Worry not, as Xtal has the expertise in completing Smart Home Automation projects down to the T.

Whether it’s simple automation that includes climate control or the whole home automation including multiple home gadgets, you can count on us and our trained team to carry it all out professionally!

So, go ahead and contact us for the most reliable and capable technicians in the market with the expertise to not only assess your home automation needs but also provide you with the optimal solution.

Ring us right away to book your appointment!

Streaming TV

Do you need help in connecting your TV to the unlimited streaming options out there? Well,  you might need to consider getting professional help as there are a lot of details to be taken care of in the TV streaming setup! Xtal Projects and Designs offers the ultimate Streaming TV services so that you are connected to your favorite channels and get to watch your favorite content uninterrupted!

Whether you love Netflix or Amazon Prime, our professionals will set up the right streaming services for you according to your preference in a very hassle-free service!

Just call us right away, and we will come running to set up your favorite streaming options so that you can catch up on your shows right away!

Photo Scanning Service

Photos are the most precious assets as they have captured the most precious moments of our lives. These photos are the only way of looking back at our cherished moments and even live them again. Do you have a load of photo albums that you wish to watch on your laptop? Want to have a digital backup for all your memories? Your first-born’s growing milestones to their first day at school to their graduation, you would love for all the photos to be in your cloud or USB? Well, no worries when Xtal is here! Just get in touch with us and have all your photos backed up in your preferred format!